What is Surfing?

What is Surfing?

What is Surfing?

What is Surfing? For those readers who are interested in every facet of surfing, we have compiled the most important material that can be found. You will learn the fundamentals of surfing, the many categories of surfing, how to surf, and a list of the necessary equipment in the following paragraphs. Make sure to go through our surfing guide in order to get familiar with the top spots for wind surfing in Turkey as well as the rest of the world.

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What does it mean to surf?

These days, surfing is widely regarded as one of the most well-liked and widely practiced extreme sports all over the globe. Riding the waves of the sea or ocean while standing or laying down on a surfboard is how this activity is completed. This extreme activity, which is said to have started in the Southern Hemisphere in ancient times, was a necessity rather than a form of amusement or a pastime. It is believed that the sport was first practiced there. Initially used as a method for people to go from ships to land, surfing eventually evolved into a recreational activity and was recognized as a sport in 1920.

Different styles of surfing

Surfing the waves

Longboards are used in the sport of surfing, which involves riding waves while standing on the board.

surfing board


Windsurfing is a kind of extreme water sports that involves utilizing a surfboard and a sail in order to travel across the water with the assistance of the wind. When windsurfing, the sail is what moves the rider down the water rather than the waves.


Kite surfing is a kind of surfing in which the rider utilizes the pull of the kite, which is powered by the wind.


Wakeboarding is a kind of water activity in which the participant is dragged behind the boat by a rope that is connected to the boat’s speed engine.


Extreme sports like skimboarding include overcoming waves of reflection by sliding on the water’s surface and making your way back to shore. Skimboarding is considered an extreme sport.

How exactly does one surf?

Although surfing is technically considered an extreme activity, it is also one of the most approachable and widespread extreme sports. You may learn more about the many types of surfing that are accessible if you’re interested in taking part in this sport by reading on.

Surfing the waves

In order to surf, you will need to have some balance and be able to withstand the elements. It is important that you maintain your equilibrium when standing on the surfboard and moving through the ocean. You should get some fundamental training that will help you improve your balance and endurance before you attempt to participate in this activity. Attending surfing classes can help you hone your skills for this adrenaline-pumping extreme activity. One needs nothing more than a surfboard in order to go surfing. It is much simpler to take pleasure in surfing when the conditions of the water and the wind are just right.


The sport of windsurfing is distinct from wave surfing in that it does not need the presence of waves in order to participate. When windsurfing, maintaining your equilibrium is the first and most crucial thing to focus on. After positioning your lower body such that your legs are resting on each side of the board or the sailing mast, you should next stand up. The sail that is out on the water is dragged and brought to an upright posture while at the same time a balanced bow is drawn. Once you have the rope in the sail held in place by your right hand, use your left hand to cross it over your right hand so that you can grab the fork point of the sail. After then, the person lets go of the rope that was held in their left hand. Bring the pole closer to us and then slowly lift it so that it is standing erect against the water. While keeping the pole in its upright position, turn your body such that it is facing somewhat closer to the front of the board. Keep the fork in your right hand as you slowly and carefully bring it in. Your sail will gradually get more and more filled with wind.

Surfing Training

Learning how to surf is simple and may be accomplished by studying the relevant educational resources and attending specialized institutions. People of any age who have the strength to hoist sails may get started windsurfing, which is one of the sports with the simplest learning curve. As a result of the lightweight nature of the sails used in training and the broad and well-balanced nature of the boards, it is quite simple to raise sails and maintain equilibrium. Although the learning curve and amount of time required may vary from person to person, it shouldn’t take too long to get the hang of the fundamentals and go out on the lake. After being familiar with the fundamentals, you may continue to develop your skills by engaging in new activities and learning new topics.

Participating in the classes will teach you how to manage the wind and the waves, provide you with the necessary information, and teach you how to ascend to the top of the board while maintaining your balance. In these classes, you will learn basic safety information, you will be able to choose the sorts of surfboards that are most suited for you, and you will even have the opportunity to surf while using an electric surfboard. Along with learning how to lead yourself. You are free to enroll in any surfing class that interests you, or you may challenge yourself further by riding a professional surf board.

The following is a list of the many pieces of surfing equipment that are need to go surfing.

Board: Motorized Surfboard (Surfboard)

The surfboard is the piece of equipment that is most important for surfing. Foam surfboards are a good option for beginners who are just getting started in the sport of surfing and are planning to get their own board. The foam surfboards, which typically measure 258 by 59 by 10.6 centimeters, are going to be the most suitable option for novice surfers. If you wish to teach your children how to surf, you may find that a little surfboard is of assistance to you. You could want to check at paddle boards, powered surfboards, or electronic surfboards if you’re interested in trying something new while you’re out on the water.

Surf Shoes

When you go surfing, one of the instruments that will assist you out is a good pair of surf shoes. They will be of assistance to you in both the surfing pool as well as the ocean.

Clothes Designed for Surfing

There are a variety of articles of apparel designed specifically for the sport of surfing. You need to choose the one that is appropriate for both you and the current weather circumstances.

Surfing apparel including Surf Jerseys, Surf Sweatshirts, and Surf Lycra

When surfing, the weather conditions may need you to wear a jersey in order to be comfortable. Depending on the temperature, you may wear either a sweater with UV protection or a jersey with long sleeves. You might also choose to dress in surf lycra if you would want a more relaxed experience. Even if it seems like it will be a warm day, you still need to pay attention to what you wear since you will be out at sea for quite some time.

Surf Shorts/ Surf Bikini

Because you will be standing for a considerable amount of time, you need to be sure that the clothes you wear are comfortable. You should make sure that the surf shorts and surfing bikinis that you choose are comfy for you before making a purchase.

Surf Goggles/ Surf Gloves

There are specialized goggles designed specifically for surfing. By purchasing these glasses, you will be able to shield your eyes from the glare of the sun and the water, both of which you will be subjected to for a significant amount of time.

While you are out surfing, you will need certain equipment. Please refer to this page for information on the regulations and fees associated with bringing your equipment with you when you travel.

When is the most optimal time of year to go surfing?

The majority of surfers say their favorite times to ride waves are shortly before dawn and in the evening. When it comes to surfing, the two most important factors are the wind and the waves. The majority of places are more favorable for winds flowing from the land, or there is no wind at all, and this is often during dawn and dusk when the temperature of the sea is comparable to the temperature of the earth’s surface. Temperatures are more stable just before sunrise, and as a consequence, there are more undulating seas and waves to be observed. For the best circumstances, it is advised that you go surfing either just before dawn or just before it becomes dark outside.

Locations in Turkey That Offer the Best Waves for Surfing

Antalya Surfing

Antalya is considered to be one of the most touristy cities in Turkey due to its location on the country’s Mediterranean coast and its proximity to the sea. Pegasus can provide you with airplane tickets to Antalya, allowing you to enhance your vacation with activities like surfing the beautiful sea in Antalya and adding more enjoyment to your trip. You will be able to have a vacation that is both exciting and comfortable due to the wonderful weather that the Mediterranean region is known for.

Bodrum Surfing

Bodrum, which is one of the most prominent tourist hubs in Turkey, is able to capture the attention of visitors because to the stunning architecture and pleasant climate that it has. You are more than welcome to investigate any of Mu’la’s 13 districts, including the one known as Bodrum. This is the spot to go on vacation if you want to spend your time surfing while enjoying the nice weather. Pegasus is the airline that you may choose to purchase your journey to Bodrum.

The Waves of Fethiye

If you want to travel to Fethiye, which is one of the 13 districts of Mula, and surf with the unique nature, it is very simple to access by purchasing a ticket for Dalaman via Pegasus. If you want to go to Mula, you can read more about it here.

İstanbul Surfing

Istanbul has the most people living in it of any city in Turkey. Pegasus can provide you with a flight to Istanbul so that you may experience the one-of-a-kind culture and surf that Istanbul has to offer. You may enjoy surfing in Istanbul’s magnificent environment by going to Tuzla, Mimar Sinan, Gokceada, or Bozcaada, which are all locations where you can go surfing.

İzmir Surfing

The Aegean area is home to the city of zmir, which has the distinction of being Turkey’s third most populated metropolis. This city is perfect for you if you like unearthing historical relics and wandering around abandoned buildings from the distant past. You may also travel to the areas of Alacat, eşme, Goztepe, and Urla and surf the numerous surfing locations there. If you want, you can even take a surfing lesson there if you want to. Choose the surfboard that is the greatest fit for you and reserve your flight to Izmir with Pegasus if you want to go surfing in a wonderful city like Izmir. If you want to go surfing in a great city like Izmir, you have to locate the best surfboard for you.

Locations Around the World With the Best Waves for Surfing

Lefkada Surfing

On the Greek island of Lefkada, which is located in the Ionian Sea, surfing is one of the most common and well-liked forms of recreation.

The beaches of Vassiliki and Agios Ioannis are especially well-known for their windsurfing opportunities. You are able to make reservations for a trip to Athens, from whence you may either go on a subsequent aircraft or board a regional bus.

Barcelona Surfing

One of the most significant and attractive surfing spots in the world is located in Barcelona, which is also the most important port and commercial city in Spain. You can travel to this place that has a culture of its own and surf while you’re there since the weather is so nice. To really immerse oneself in Spanish culture, all you need to do is book a trip to Barcelona and bring your passport with you.

Dubai Surfing

The United Arab Emirates are made up of seven emirates, including Dubai. It is possible to go surfing in Dubai, a city that draws tens of thousands of visitors each year because to its highly developed economy and stunning architecture. Make your flight reservation to Dubai as soon as possible for a fun-filled vacation.

The London Wave (surfing)

The city of London, which serves as the capital of the United Kingdom, is renowned for the spectacular and one-of-a-kind architecture that it has, in addition to the historical structures and landmarks that it contains. You may also travel to this city to try your hand at paddleboarding while you’re there. To get started on your vacation, all you need to do is book a trip to London and get ready to relax.

Porto Pollo Surfing

Porto Pollo is only one of the many magnificent locations on the island of Sardinia, Italy, that are perfect for windsurfing. The north of Sardinia is particularly susceptible to the effects of the mistral wind, and as a result, it is home to some of the island’s most impressive and rideable waves. You might get a plane ticket to Rome and then take a boat to Olbia, which is located within driving distance to Porto Pollo.

There may be extra fees incurred if you want to bring your equipment along with you on your trip. You may get the pricing list for more services by clicking this link.


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