What is Skateboarding? A Beginner's Guide for Skateboarding

A Beginner’s Guide for Skateboarding

What is Skateboarding? For those individuals that are interested in every facet of skateboarding, we have compiled the most important material that can be found. You will learn the fundamentals of skateboarding, including how to get started as well as a list of the necessary equipment, as you continue reading this article. Be sure to go through our guide in order to learn about the top spots for skateboarding in Turkey as well as in other countries across the globe.

What is Skateboarding?

Skateboarding is a popular sport that requires participants to ride on skateboards while also completing various feats. Skateboarding is a kind of alternative surfing that was developed in California in the late 1940s by surfers looking for something to do when the waves were too flat to surf. Since that time, skateboarding has developed into a massive leisure activity that is loved by millions of people all over the globe and is now on its path to become an Olympic sport in the year 2020.

Skateboarding for Beginners

Skateboarding is an incredible hobby that offers individuals incredible benefits in the areas of balance, attention, physical fitness, and creative expression. In addition to being enjoyable, this mode of transportation is also kind to the environment. Beginners may simply go to a venue and start skating with a typical skate that is between 81 and 23 centimeters in length, and experienced skaters will guide them with the fundamentals of the sport. Skateboarders are always willing to assist newcomers.

How do you ride a skateboard?

Skateboarding is a sport that may be potentially hazardous if not performed with care, thus it is vital to familiarize oneself with the fundamentals of the activity. Some of these fundamentals include mounting, moving forward and backward, and coming to a halt. Once you’ve mastered these talents, you may go on to more advanced stunts like “tick-tack,” which are easier to do. You may go on the internet to discover a list of the numerous locations or parks in cities that are appropriate for skateboarding.

Before You Go: Information That Is Necessary For You To Know

When you are first starting out, it may be difficult and even risky to try new stunts. It is essential that you put your attention into enhancing your core riding talents while you are still learning how to ride.
Through the use of music and clothes, the sport has developed its own unique cultural milieu. There are a great number of community-created music playlists that can be found on the internet.

The following is a list of the skateboarding equipment that is required for the sport of skateboarding.

Skateboard Types

Electric Skateboard

An electric skateboard is often longer than a traditional skateboard and is fitted with an electrical system that removes the need for the rider to use their legs to propel them forward. Because they are simpler to use, electric skateboards are quickly gaining in popularity. A hand-held throttle allows for precise control of the vehicle’s speed, and the battery life ranges from one to three years.


Alternatives to classic skateboards, waveboards are smaller yet more functional than their predecessors. Waveboards have just two wheels instead of the traditional skateboard’s four, and they are far more flexible. Because of its flexibility, it will feel very much like you are riding a snowboard.

Skateboard from the Good Old Days

An old-school skateboard is often constructed out of maple wood, aluminum, and carbon fiber, and it has four wheels that are attached to the bottom of both ends of the board. The first skateboards were constructed of wood, and because of their weight, they couldn’t even be moved.

Skateboarding Griptape and Other Accessories

Skateboarding Wheels

Because they enable you to move and control how quickly you can go, the wheels on your skateboard are a vital component. Wheels typically have a diameter that ranges from 50 to 75 millimeters, with 52 to 56 millimeters being the most common. Wheels are measured in millimeters.

Skateboarding Bag

Your personal items, as well as any necessary protective equipment and replacement components, should be stored in a reliable skating bag. The majority of skateboards of the newest generation come with a skating backpack that can be packed away after the day is done. If you want to bring your own gear with you on your trip, there may be extra expenses involved. To see the pricing list for the additional services, you may get it by clicking here.

When is the Ideal Period to Go Skateboarding?

Skateboarding is a sport that can be done at any time of the year, although the sport becomes much more difficult in the snow and rain. Skateboarding is most enjoyable during the warm summer months.

Best Spots for Skateboarding in Turkiye

Avcılar Skate Park / Barış Skate Park, Istanbul

The neighborhood of Avcilar in Istanbul may be found in the western section of the city. On the European side of Istanbul, skating fans often congregate at a shop called Avclar Skateboard. Barş Skate Park can be found in the Pendik neighborhood of Istanbul, which lies on the Anatolian side. After you have purchased your plane ticket to Istanbul, you will find that the city’s southern coasts provide excellent opportunities for skating.

Bostanlı Skate Park, Izmir

Bostanlı Skate Park is situated in Karşıyaka area of İzmir. Skateboarding is a lot of fun at the skate park, which is a terrific spot to do it. Make sure you have your trip to Izmir booked so you can experience it for yourself.

720 Skate Park, Ankara

A skate park known as 720 may be found in the Altnda area of Ankara. Skateboarders are seen at the skate park rather regularly despite its relative youth. Make sure to reserve a seat on the next aircraft to Ankara so you may demonstrate your skills there.

Düden Skate Park, Antalya

Düden is a neighborhood in Antalya that can be found in the city’s eastern region. The neighborhood inhabitants make regular trips to the park due to its size and popularity in the community. Make plans to visit Antalya so you may take use of the city’s many great public parks, such as the Düden Skate Park.

Locations Around the World Considered to Be the Best for Skateboarding


Since the 1970s, London has been considered a welcoming city for skateboarders. The Southbank Skate Park, which has been in operation for the last four decades, has served as a source of motivation for a great number of up-and-coming skateboarders. You’ll want to visit the skate park in London, which is covered with graffiti, so book a flight there.


Skateboarding is a fun activity to do in Barcelona because to the pleasant climate and the city’s distinctive architecture. In addition, there are a lot of skating spots that have a lot of individuals that can execute tricks. Make sure to reserve a seat on a trip to Barcelona so you can take advantage of the city’s lively skating scene.


Berlin, because to its dynamic social scene and multifaceted artistic environment, has emerged as one of the most fashionable towns in Europe. Skateboarders with years of experience from all over the globe have shown their talents at Berlin’s many public and skateboarding parks, most notably in the “Skatehalle Berlin.” The city has a significant population of people who ride electric skateboards. Now that you have your plane ticket to Berlin in hand, you should consider going with them.


Skateboarding in Copenhagen is a thrilling and enjoyable activity. The Copenhagen Skate Park is a park that has been specifically created to accommodate skateboarding and is widely used by locals. Make sure to reserve a seat on a flight to Copenhagen so you can take in the sights of the city and investigate the local skating community.


It is not unusual to see young people in Moscow riding their skateboards to the nearest park, since the city is quickly becoming a center for the sport of skateboarding. Reserving a seat on a trip to Moscow throughout the summer to see them compete is a must.


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