The Evolution of What Is Parkour

What is Parkour? 

What is Parkour?

What Is Parkour? You can discover all the necessary details on the thrilling sport of parkour, including how to perform it and the necessary equipment, below. For those seeking adventure, the top parkour locations in Turkey and the whole globe are also included. To learn more about parkour and the finest locations to practice it, make sure to read the material.

Describe Parkour.

Parkour, one of the most well-liked urban sports in the world, is a fast-paced activity in which gravity is defied using a combination of force and balance. Parkour is a kind of physical education and a way of life that involves moving, sprinting, leaping, and climbing from one place to another while in an urban setting in order to overcome difficulties.

Parkour’s Earlier Years in History

In the late 1980s, David Belle, Raymond Belle’s son, and a group of friends in France came up with the idea for the sport that is now known as parkour. This endeavor attained attention on a global scale as a result of the formation of the band Yamakasi in 1997 by David Belle and the friends he collaborated with, as well as the production of the film of the same name in 2001. The names of the practitioners, Traceur for men and Traceuse for women, both imply “tracer” in the English language. Parkour, once known as “l’art du déplacement,” is a contemporary urban sport. It is now commonly included in action movies because to recent endorsement from several well-known sports companies.

How does parkour work?

There are no particular tools or training needed for parkour. The only instrument you have that you can employ with persistence, discipline, and instinct is your body. You must choose a good location or a parkour hall where you can practice the methods and maneuvers while working on your muscles. Additionally, having a coach at your side can help you learn things fast and properly. You must first strengthen your muscles and balance in order to do parkour, which calls for strength and balance. Exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, and squats will help you practice the motions and skills more effectively if you perform them every day. When your body is sufficiently developed, it’s time to practice landing and rolling maneuvers. Jumps that range in height from a half-meter to a meter may be used as a starting point for learning how to land and roll properly. The vaulting, leaping, and climbing moves must then be performed. As you practice these exercises, you should develop your own style by learning your own preferred techniques. You should maintain your body in shape with regular training and exercise, and experiment with new motions in various contexts to develop your own style. You may look for persons and organizations to practice parkour with. To learn more and meet other parkour enthusiasts, visit parks or parks with indoor parkour facilities. When you teach or learn from others, you may enjoy this activity more and progress more quickly.

List of Parkour Equipment: What is Required for Parkour?

Parkour Apparel

There is not much equipment needed for parkour. Typically, all you need is a pair of comfortable sports shoes and athletic clothing. For parkour, a tracksuit that doesn’t need to be adjusted while you’re moving is an excellent option, and you can choose one that matches your style. You must choose your shoes carefully if you want to be comfortable and prevent injuries.

parkour footwear

The most crucial piece of parkour sports equipment is a pair of flexible and durable sneakers. While practicing parkour, it is essential to wear lightweight, shock-absorbing footwear. This enables you to sense the ground and safeguards your leg and foot joints while you walk. For long-term usage and to lower the risk of injuries, the shoes should be of good quality. Your feet shouldn’t feel restricted by the shoes.

Gloves and protective gear for parkour

Some safety gear, while not advised by Traceurs and Traceuses, could be helpful for novices. Parkour gloves are perhaps the most significant of them. Despite the fact that when doing Parkour it is crucial to feel the ground with your hands, you may begin by wearing specialized fingerless Parkour gloves. Climbing gloves may be preferable; gloves that are flexible and comfortable are ideal. Knee and elbow pads are further options.

What Time of Day Is Best for Parkour?

You may practice parkour at any time of the year. However, the winter months might be more hazardous and challenging. On lovely spring days, you may always utilize the parkour halls and practice outdoors. Parkour is quickly replacing other sports festivals that are conducted all over the globe. The ideal times to socialize with lots of people, exchange stories, and get insight from others is during festivals.

Parkour locations in Turkey

In Turkey, parkour is quickly gaining in popularity. There are several Parkour rooms and outdoor Parkour grounds in major cities including Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Eskisehir. Additionally, the historic structures, green spaces, and urban regions of these cities provide a variety of locations for Parkour enthusiasts.

Turkish Parkour

Istanbul, although being one of the world’s most populated cities, is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site that draws in tens of millions of visitors annually. With its parks, historical structures, and urban settings, Istanbul Parkour garners interest on a global scale. This city provides a genuine and difficult setting for parkour since it has historically been home to many different cultures and civilizations. Additionally, you may practice and connect with local Traceurs and Traceuses at parkour halls throughout Istanbul.

Popular Parkour locations in Istanbul are often parks. The best parks may be found in Bostanc and Caddebostan. However, there is a Parkour area on every corner in Istanbul’s old streets. For this, we advise you to visit the Golden Horn’s surroundings (Fatih, Beyolu, Eminönü, Sultanahmet), as well as the parks on the Anatolian side.

The Acroacedemy Hall in the Levent area is Istanbul’s most well-known Freerun and Parkour hall. You may perform a variety of techniques and moves in the hall where many Traceurs and Traceuses train and work. Click here to purchase your flight to Istanbul and start your trip to learn about Istanbul Parkour if you want to have a memorable experience.

Parkour in Ankara

In Ankara, the sport of freerunning is gaining popularity. Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is well known for its parks. Among the most well-known parks and appropriate locations for freerunning are Gençlik Park, Kuulu Park, and Dikmen Vadisi Park.

Young people in the city are familiar with freerunning and establish organizations similar to its developers. Despite the fact that there isn’t a functioning freerunning hall, you may contact these organizations to meet Ankara-based traceurs and trace users. It is the greatest approach to discover the top indoor and outdoor freerunning training locations. You may go here to purchase your ticket if you wish to learn more about Ankara and Ankara freerunning.

Turkish freerunning

Zmir, the third-largest metropolis in Turkey, is one of the top locations for freerunning. freerunning enthusiasts will like this city’s parks along the coast, sports grounds, and old urban areas. Due to the city’s youthful population, Izmir freerunning is among the most well-known in Turkey. Although there isn’t an active Izmir freerunning hall or outdoor places here yet, you may meet with local freerunning groups to discover the finest Izmir freerunning spots and to share your experience with Izmir freerunning with Traceurs and Traceuses.

The most well-liked location for freerunning groups in Zmir to gather and celebrate is the Zmir clock tower in Kordon and the surrounding environs. You may click here to visit zmir if you want to feel the thrill of freerunning while watching the sun set in this lovely Aegean city.

Best freerunning Locations on Earth

The ideal sport for exploring the world’s beautiful cities, parks, and urban areas is freerunning. Since your body is the only piece of equipment you need, it is extremely simple to practice this sport all over the globe. The experience of a lifetime is being a part of a wider community and having a great time while pushing your boundaries in diverse locations.

Mardin freerunning

Mardin, one of the world’s oldest cities, will wow you with its distinctive architecture. In contrast to a park or other urban setting, freerunning is practised in actual cities. For fans of freerunning, jumping, jogging, and vaulting from the top of old buildings is a unique experience. This city has gained worldwide recognition as a prime location for freerunning enthusiasts because of its distinctive urban design. freerunning festivals and competitions have been held in Mardin in recent years. You may purchase a flight to Mardin for this extraordinary experience.

Paris freerunning

Anyone interested in trying out freerunning must go to Paris, the city where it all began. The filming for Banlieue 13 took place in Paris. With the release of this film featuring David Belle, the father of freerunning, this sport gained international recognition. You may witness freerunning’s origins by using your Paris travel ticket.

Abu Dhabi freerunning

The capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, is a tremendously advanced and energetic metropolis. The city includes lovely freerunning areas and mixes traditional and contemporary architecture. A structural element in the Corniche’s freerunning area enables several moves. Get your Abu Dhabi airline ticket now to experience the unique freerunning in this city, which is also a popular destination for travelers from all over the globe.

Milan freerunning

After Rome, Milan is the second-most visited city in Italy. The city’s tourism infrastructure contributes to its appeal. Modern architecture blends well with the city’s past to create freerunning-specific locations. freerunning enthusiasts regularly go to Romolo in addition to locations in the city center. You may experience freerunning in Milan with your ready-to-go airplane ticket.

In-Park Moscow

freerunning is gaining popularity in Moscow, the city of Russia. For this sport, the city offers some amazing parks and urban areas. There are parksour halls throughout the city where you may train and interact with other freerunning practitioners. You may practice in numerous urban settings, like the Vorobievy Gory bridge. Meet with the sizable Moscow freerunning community if you want to learn more about the city; they can show you all the best areas. If you’re up for the adventure, book your journey to Moscow and expand your knowledge of freerunning.


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