What is Bungee Jumping and What exactly is it all about?


What is Bungee Jumping and What exactly is it all about?

Bungee jumping is an exciting leisure activity that consists of leaping off of a tall building while one’s feet are linked to an elastic line. Participants jump with their heads first off the platform. It doesn’t matter what it is; that towering object may be a building, a bridge, a crane, or even a helicopter. 1979 was the year of the first modern bungee jump, and in the decades that followed, the activity skyrocketed in popularity. One of the most common and well-liked extreme sports, bungee jumping can be done pretty much everywhere in the world. It’s also one of the most thrilling.

bungee jumping is a sport in which the participant jumps from a high place while having a rubber cord (called a “bungee”) attached to both his or her feet and to the site of the jump. After a period of headfirst free fall, the participant is then bounced back partway when the cord rebounds from its maximum stretch. It can be traced back to the practice of “land diving” that was performed on Pentecost Island in Vanuatu. In this activity, divers leap off of a high tower while their feet are connected to the tower by a vine. The length of the vine is determined so that the jumper’s hair just brushes the ground below. The Oxford Dangerous Sports Club made the first bungee leaps in the Western world, and in 1988, bungee jumping became available for the first time on a commercial scale in New Zealand. These jumps were inspired by accounts of divers who had participated in bungee jumping on Pentecost Island.

How do you go about doing Bungee Jumping?

Anyone over the age of sixteen may go bungee jumping, and you don’t need any previous expertise to participate. You won’t need any new gear since you’re simply going to be there to have fun. The ability to muster up enough bravery to actually do the activity is very necessary for bungee jumping. Additionally, there are safety measures that must to be taken into consideration. People who are overweight or who already have ailments could put their health at danger if they go bungee jumping. Bungee jumping is not something that should be attempted by pregnant women, those who have cardiac issues, or anyone who have high blood pressure. When in doubt, it is best to discuss the matter with a medical professional before making a choice.

The following is a list of the necessary equipment for bungee jumping. What Kind of Gear is Required for Bungee Jumping?

Bungee jumping materials

Bungee Cord

A harness will be used to secure the bungee cord to your ankle. The bungee cord is the most critical piece of equipment that you will use throughout your bungee jumping adventure. Bungee cords are constructed almost entirely out of numerous strands of natural latex and rubber. Bungee cords are thrown away after between 500 and 1000 leaps for the sake of safety.


During your bungee jump, one harness will be tied to your ankle and another harness will be attached to your torso in order to improve the level of safety provided.

Rubber Cord

When it comes to maximizing safety, some bungee jumping facilities incorporate an additional safety device like the additional rubber cord. There may be additional costs associated if you wish to bring your own equipment on your vacation, so make sure you budget accordingly.. To see the pricing list for the additional services, you may get it by clicking here.

Some Helpful Advice Regarding Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping does not have any particular attire requirements; you may participate in the activity in whatever you feel most at ease in. However, it is not advised that ladies go about their day dressed up or in high heels.

If you are terrified of the height you are at, it is quite natural for you to decide not to leap before you even get there. However, it is really important to make this choice before jumping, not in the very last step.

You should pay great attention to the jump teachers and have entire trust in them since obtaining a license to teach jumps requires considerable international training.

You should make an effort to not eat too much in the hours leading up to your jump; much better would be to leap on an empty stomach.

It is best not to bring anything of value with you since it increases the risk of losing it and draws attention away from the experience.

When is the Ideal Time to Participate in Bungee Jumping?

Even though bungee jumping may be experienced at any time of the year, it is important to be aware that some weather conditions, such as fog or snow, can have a significant influence on the entire experience you have. Since the temperature is often pleasant and there is a lack of precipitation throughout the summer months, this time of year might be thought of as the ideal period for bungee jumping.

Best Spots for Bungee Jumping in Türkiye


Istanbul, Turkey’s most populated and well-known metropolis, is also the location of many important historical and cultural sites. Bungee jumping is one of the many recreational activities that can be found in modern Istanbul, which is a city that offers a wide variety of opportunities for outdoor pleasure. The Kilyos neighborhood is often considered to be the best location in the city for bungee jumping. You should get a flight to Istanbul so that you may go bungee jumping in addition to seeing the city’s many interesting attractions.


Zmir is not only one of the biggest but also one of the most prominent cities in western Turkey. The neighborhood of eşme is where you’ll find the majority of bungee jumping facilities in Izmir. Your plane ticket to Izmir will serve as the first step in the exciting leap that you are about to take.


The city of Antalya, which is situated in the country’s southwest, is one of the most popular tourist destinations there. Even while Antalya is most well-known for its wonderful beaches and other natural attractions, the city is also a prominent hub for leisure activities in the great outdoors as well as extreme sports. Bungee jumping facilities with breathtaking landscape may be found in the Lara area of Antalya. Your trip to Antalya will not be complete unless you take advantage of the city’s exhilarating recreational opportunities, such as bungee jumping.

Fethiye / Muğla

One of the most common places for Turks to vacation during the summer is Fethiye. During the summer months, Fethiye sees a proliferation of bungee jumping facilities around the city. Make sure to reserve your seat on the next trip to Mu’la so you can take advantage of the region’s breathtaking beaches and exciting recreational opportunities, such as bungee jumping.

Olüdeniz / Muğla

When you go bungee jumping in Oldeniz, you get to free fall from a height of 53 meters, which is an exhilarating experience. You should reserve a seat on a trip to Mula so that you may experience Oldeniz, with all of its sandy beaches, natural wonders, and exciting activities, to the utmost.

The greatest bungee jumping locations in the world may be found in London.

It is an amazing experience in and of itself to look down over London from above, but to do it while free-falling from a height of fifty meters is something else else. “The Doom Bungee Jump” is an amazing way to get your blood pounding and get your adrenaline going in London. Do not be hesitant to engage in this exciting adventure by agreeing to go to London and making travel arrangements; you will not regret it.


Because you will be able to view the whole of Amsterdam as well as the countryside that surrounds it, bungee jumping is an exciting activity that absolutely must be missed while in Amsterdam. The location of “Bungee Amsterdam” is such that it is easily accessible on foot from the heart of the city. Book your vacation to Amsterdam as soon as you can to benefit from all it has to offer.


Some of the bungee jumping facilities in Barcelona are longer than 70 meters, making the city an incredible destination for thrill seekers. Get yourself a plane ticket to Barcelona so you can experience the city and all of the exciting outdoor activities it has to offer.

On the shore, the town of Lloret de Mar is known as a popular location for bungee jumping. The trip to Barcelona takes about one hour to complete. You may want to think about leaping from a bridge at Sant Sadurni d’Anoia for a different kind of adventure.


Old Town and New Belgrade are the two sections that make up the ancient city of Belgrade. Old Town is the older of the two sections. The “Bungee Jump” in Ada Ciganlija is situated in the center between the two; it is definitely worth it to get a plane ticket to Belgrade only to take in the view from there.


Although Prague is well-known for its eye-catching architecture, historical buildings, and cultural legacy, the city’s leisure opportunities are almost never mentioned. You may take advantage of the fact that the heart of Prague is just an hour’s drive away from a number of fantastic bungee jumping locations. Make sure to book your plane ticket to Prague so you can test them out.

In the Czech Republic, among of the most well-known locations for jumping include the Zvikov Bridge, the Harrachov TV Tower, and the Chomutov Bridge.

There may be additional costs associated if you wish to bring your own equipment on your vacation, so make sure you budget accordingly. To see the pricing list for the additional services, you may get it by clicking here.


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