Tourist Spots in Bangladesh: A Land of Adventure

Top 30 Tourist Spots in Bangladesh

Tourist Spots in Bangladesh. There is no end to Bangladesh’s beauty, which has been sanctified by the gifts of nature. Bangladesh is a nation with incredible natural beauty, and there is no limit to its beauty. Therefore, despite the fact that Bangladesh is a relatively small country, there are a significant number of tourist attractions that qualify as vacation destinations. The thirty most popular tourist attractions in Bangladesh are detailed in the following paragraphs.


1. Sundarbans Tourist Spots in Bangladesh

The Sundarbans, which spans the borders of Bangladesh and India, is the biggest mangrove forest in the world to be jointly protected by UNESCO. It is the home of the Royal Bengal Tiger, as well as many other types of birds, animals, and plants, and I believe that you should make it a point to see the peaceful beauty of the Sundarbans at least once throughout your lifetime.

2. Chittagong Hill Road| Tourist Spots in Bangladesh

Hills have a special allure for visitors, and if you’re a tourist in Chittagong, you absolutely have to pay a visit to the Chittagong Hill Tracks. There, a number of different tribes call home, and the landscape is really breathtaking. Chittagong Hill Tracks is the ideal location for an exciting ride, but in order to do so, you will need to get authorization from the relevant authorities.

3. Srimagal: | Tourist Spots in Bangladesh

The city of Srimagal, which can be found in Bangladesh’s northeastern region and is known as the “tea capital of the world,” is where the majority of the country’s tea is produced. It is possible to find one of the nicest spots in Bangladesh at Shell Square and the surrounding region, and in addition to that, there are also two more attractions, namely Lawachhara National Park and Hamham Falls.

4. Range mat:

The Chittagong Hill Tracks area in Rangamati, a place full of natural beauty, and here, here you will find an artificial lake surrounded by hills called Kaptai Lake, where you can boat all day, here a Buddhist monastery. with the Rajban Bihara Names, a market for high quality handicrafts of the Rangamati tribe.


Paharpur is the most impressive site in Bangladesh known as Sompuri Maharabihara which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is located in the north western part of the country. In the early days, it was the best Buddhist monastery where people from all over the world came for higher studies.

6. Lalbag Fortress:

Lalbag Fort or Aurangabad is another famous historical place in Bangladesh. It is located on the Buriganga River in the southwestern part of Dhaka, Bangladesh. This was acquired by Mudmhammad Azam in 1678. Lalbag Fort represents the Mughal Prince’s unfulfilled dream. The fort remained unchanged after the death of Prince Azam.

7. Star Mosque:

It is a well-known landmark that visitors flock to when they come to old Dhaka. The outside of the mosque is covered with mosaics from top to bottom. In addition, individuals often visit this mosque in order to worship. Outside of the hours when Muslims are required to worship, members of the general public are welcome to visit this mosque. This mosque is often referred to as the “Mosque of the Stars” due to its architecture, which is based on the Mughal architectural style.

8. Ahsan Manzil:

Ahsan Manzil, also known as the Pink Palace, was constructed in 1872 by Nawab Abdul Gani. It is considered a major architectural heritage. This two-story structure is currently home to a museum that showcases the collection of items that belonged to the former owner. to provide you an experience comparable to that of the Nawabs of Bengal. It has 23 galleries that display artifacts from the past..

9. Bisanakandi:

Undoubtedly, surrounded by hills and rocks, it is a magnificent display of natural beauty. Due to its natural beauty it has become a popular tourist center in Bangladesh. It lies on the Bangladesh-Sylhet border in Sylhet. In the rainy season, the clouds seem to hug the mountains, so winter is not a good time to visit.

10. Jaflon:

This location straddles the international boundary between Bangladesh and India. It is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful spots in all of Bangladesh. In addition to that, it is an exciting location. You will pass through a mountainous region and be able to take in the scenery at a waterfall on the trip from Jaflong to Sylhet. The Jaflong hills are blanketed in verdant woods, and those woodlands are home to a diverse population of wild species. The most picturesque spots in Jaflong are undoubtedly the tea garden and the zero points.

11. Ratatgul Swamp Forest:

The Ratargul Swamp Forest is the only swamp forest in Bangladesh, and it is home to a wide variety of animals, including monkeys, eagles, insects, fish, birds, and other birds and animals. A river known as the Goain runs in the middle of this evergreen forest. To arrange a boat for the purpose of exploring the forest, you will need to apply for and acquire a permission from the forest service. The rainy season is the ideal time to go hiking in the woods.

12. Shahjalal Dargah:

Corals at Inani Beach are recognized for turning green throughout the summer and the rainy season, which contributes to the beach’s reputation as a magnificent beach. Your journey will be memorable in part because of the clear lake, the dawn, and the sunset. You should not be concerned about being attacked by a shark if you swim here. You may come across marine fish, crabs, snails, and a wide variety of other species here. The view of the hills at this location will also leave an impression on you.

16. Inani Beach:

Due to its reefs, which become green throughout the summer and wet season, Inani Beach is regarded as a magnificent beach. Your journey will be unique because to the clear ocean, dawn, and sunset. Without worrying about sharks, you may swim here. Crabs, snails, marine fish, and many more animals are seen here. The beauty of the hills here will also move you.

17. Sitakundu:

One of Bangladesh’s oldest places is called Sitakundu. You should take in Sitakundu’s stunning and unspoiled beauty if you wish to relax your thoughts. It is well-known for its Buddhist and Chandranath temples. The area is a wonderland with its many waterfalls, mountains, and emerald rivers. You have to go here if you like the outdoors and exploring new places.

18. Nijhum Island:

It is a little island in the Noakhali district that is part of Hatiya Upazila. Tourists cannot visit this island during the winter. You may see thousands of migrating birds here in the winter. Specialized deer species may be shown here.

19. Sajek Valley:

Visit Sajek Valley, the queen of hills, if you wish to view the land of clouds in Bangladesh. Your wish to hike in the skies will come true if you go here. It is Bangladesh’s top tourism destination. It’s incredibly fascinating to go through the clouds in a zigzag pattern to reach to Sajek. It is also known as Rangamati Roof because to the hills that surround it. If you’re fortunate, you may be able to experience three different forms of nature in the valley, which is 550 meters above sea level.

20. Patenga Sea Beach:

If you want to get away from the busy city life, you can visit Patenga Sea Beach to enjoy the Bay of Bengal and the enchanting sunset. Here you can enjoy a water ride or a boat trip. There are also other entertainment options, such as bike tours, horseback riding, hang-gliding, etc. But the beach is narrow, so it’s better not to swim here.

21.Mohasthan Garh:

Bengal’s oldest city is Mohasthan Garh. This location showcases Pundranagar’s illustrious heritage. Gobinda Vita, Gokul Medh, Bairagir Vita, Parasuramer Prasad, Mankalir Dhap, Bangla-French Exploration, and Khulnar Dhap are a few noteworthy locations in Mahasthangarh that you should visit.

22. Saat Gambuj Mosque:

The Saat Gambuj Mosque is one of the most dignified in ancient Bengal and was known as the largest mosque of the congregation of Khan Jahan Ali in the 15th century. The mosque contains 81 domes in total, including 70 prayer hall domes, 7 central corridor domes and 4 corner tower domes, which are the best tourist attraction in Bagerhat.

23. Lake of Foy:

Foy’s Lake is a 800-acre theme park that is actually a man-made theme park in a scenic setting surrounded by a lake, rolling hills and lush green forests. It is a unique gateway to Chittagong and the world of entertainment offers many attractions such as park rides, boat rides, scenery, resorts and restaurants.

24. Kuakata Sea Beach:

Kuakata Sea Beach is a scenic sea beach with 30 kilometers of scenic scenery in Lotachapli, Kolapara, Patuakhali. It is a unique beach where you can experience sunrise and sunset and you can not only enjoy the beauty of Jhauban covered with coconut trees.

25. Sonargaon:

Known as the oldest capital of Bangladesh, Sonargaon houses some of the old buildings. This place can attract you for its boundless beauty and the relics of old Bengal. Visiting Sonargaon Museum, you can see items that people used in their daily life such as furniture, ornaments, weapons, ships, musical instruments and many more things related to Bengali heritage.

26. Chimbuk Hill:

The most daring tourist destination in Bangladesh is Chimbuk Hill, which is barely 26 kilometers from Bandarban Sadar and gives the impression of being climbed while floating in the clouds. There are several ornamented mounds visible. The only coral paradise in Bangladesh is this one. This island’s natural surroundings have turned it into a haven for those who enjoy the outdoors. There is nothing like the stunning dawn and sunset.

29. Small Golden Mosque:

In Bangladesh, in the city of Gaur, tourists can visit a beautiful mosque, which is a wonderful landmark of the Sultanate’s architecture. It is located in Chapai Nawabganj in Bangladesh. The mosque looks like a small Rajmahal textured by black stone. For your photo collection, you can visit and photograph this mosque.

30. Cox’s Bazaar one of the best Tourist Spots in Bangladesh

One of the most visited tourist destinations in Bangladesh is Cox’s Bazar, which is the world’s longest sea beach (112 km) and is situated in the country’s southernmost region. The ideal location to see the dawn and sunset is here. You will undoubtedly feel relaxed thanks to the clean air and tranquil sea. Visitors are thus strongly encouraged to visit this location if they want a peaceful and restful vacation.


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