The Best Mountain Biking Bike Helmets

The Best Mountain Biking Bike Helmets

The best Mountain Biking Bike Helmets for casual riders

Helmet with a Thousand-Year History

Mountain Biking Bike Helmets, Don’t be fooled by the Mountain Biking Bike Helmets’ understated appearance; the Thousand Heritage is packed with features that make it simple to maneuver about town, such as a one-handed, magnetic chin strap clasp. You may also attach your helmet to your bike using a built-in channel if you need to do errands quickly. Put your cable lock through the hole in the little, round “thsd” emblem to lock up your helmet while you do your errand. The Heritage isn’t as light as our other selections and only has seven vents (you may want more if you often ride in hot, humid conditions), but several reviewers praised its comfort and style. Another wonderful addition is the chin strap made of vegan leather. Buy this.

The ideal bicycle helmet for commuters

MIPS Smith Signal Mountain Biking Bike Helmets

Bicyclists who commute by bike want a helmet that they can customize and that keeps them cool whether they are riding on pavement, gravel, trails, or all of the above. Reviewers like the Smith Signal Mips for its multivented road design, which comes as no surprise. An readily adjustable rotary dial will be recognized by seasoned bikers. To further customize your lid, the complete tension system may also be moved up and down or forward and backward. One buyer stated, “The dial changes the fit in seconds.” Many vents direct air to keep you cool and prevent fogging of your glasses. A channel also exists that makes it simple to store your glasses. MIPS is a low-friction layer that is located within the helmet and slides 10 to 15 millimeters in all directions to lessen rotational motion to the brain upon impact. Buy this.

Children’s Best Bike Helmet

Kids’ Giro Tremor MIPS Mountain Biking Bike Helmets

searching for little noggin protection? The well-known Giro Tremor Mips offers the safety features of the company’s top adult helmets in a smaller size for your little one. Its in-mold design combines a foam liner and a stiff polycarbonate shell for impact protection without adding weight to children. It has a removable adjustable visor and comes in a number of vivid colors, making it perfect for your aspiring rider.. The integrated Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (Mips®), which may channel energy and provide extra protection in certain impacts—a almost unavoidable element of learning to ride—is the last feature of this helmet. One reviewer said, “It offers a ton of adjustability. The tensioning mechanism works well to keep his head in place. It is widely used and has shown to be quite versatile. Buy this.

Mountain bike helmet of choice

Bike Helmet Smith Convoy MIPS

If a cyclist is on less difficult terrain and prefers comfort and breathability, they typically don’t require complete facial protection. They do need a protective helmet that is light and breathable. Enter the Smith Convoy, which has sufficient vents for optimal airflow and a weight-saving in-mold construction that makes it just 11 ounces. The best thing about modern bike helmets is that the weight reductions don’t sacrifice cutting-edge technology. The Convoy, for instance, has Mips, which lessens rotational forces brought on by angled hits to the head, and Smith’s fit adjustment system. Not techy, but a nice addition nonetheless? Built-in channels on the Convoy hold your sunglasses while not in use. Buy this.

Best E-Bike Bike Helmet

Bicycle helmet, Bontrager Charge WaveCel

Although the United States doesn’t have any special helmet regulations for e-bikes, the Bontrager Charge WaveCel complies with strict Dutch regulations, which explains why certain e-bikes may go at faster speeds. The Charge is outfitted with Bontrager’s WaveCel technology in addition to user-friendly features including a simple, magnetic chin strap fastening and a Boa tension system that allows you to adjust your lid with only one hand. An impact is absorbed by WaveCel, a collapsible cellular structure that lines the interior of the helmet and acts as a crumple zone. And since the Charge is guaranteed by Bontrager’s crash replacement guarantee, the company will send you a free replacement if you have an accident while owning the helmet for the first year. Buy this.

The ideal bicycle helmet for commuting

2022 Smith Persist MIPS Bike Helmet

The Smith Persist is a lightweight, well-ventilated package that hits all the roadie high points. Reviewers like the Persist’s adjustability, soft lining, AirEvac system, which draws warm air away from your brow while you’re working hard, as well as the company’s patented technology that enables you to modify the fit to your head. Comfort is important when you’re putting down the hammer. One consumer said, “This is the first helmet that has correctly suited me.” For lengthy riding, it is tight and quite comfy. Buy this.

Top Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Bike helmet by Troy Lee Designs, Stage Mips

The best protection is provided by full-face helmets, which are an obvious choice for motorcyclists who like going fast. In the case of a collision, these helmets assist safeguard your face and mouth by adding additional protection to the back, sides, and chin of your head. However, owing to their bulkiness, heavy design, or lack of ventilation, they may be stifling or unpleasant and are often more costly than open-face helmets. But for its class, the Stage Mips by Troy Lee Designs is remarkably lightweight and breathable. As you pedal, air moves through the helmet thanks to the wide apertures in the chin bar, 11 intake ports, and 14 exhaust vents. One staff member who wears it for fast descents explains, “It’s a very wide full-face helmet that permits a lot of ventilation for breathing.” If a rider wants a little bit more facial protection than a half shell helmet, it’s perfect for gravity-centered trails. Buy this.

Purchase Advice

Specific safety requirements for impact protection must be satisfied by every helmet marketed in the United States. Make sure your helmet fits properly, is worn appropriately, and is suitable for the kind of riding you perform. Always adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations for your helmet’s fit, usage, and maintenance, as well as when to replace it (always after an accident, even if there isn’t any obvious damage). (Read The Complicated Story Behind Bike Helmet Safety for additional details on helmet design.)

But getting a helmet isn’t only about exceeding the bare requirement in terms of safety. When it’s time to look for a lid, there are a few important factors to take into account.

Be certain about the kind of riding you wish to accomplish.

There is no rule prohibiting commuters from wearing commuter helmets or roadies from wearing mountain bike helmets. (Keep in mind that wearing a helmet increases safety.) However, manufacturers do create each helmet with a certain use in mind; for instance, a commuter helmet may include built-in lights that you would find useful while bicycling to work, and road helmets can have features that roadies find useful (weight savings, plenty of vents, aerodynamic shape). Specify your riding style when narrowing down your search for a helmet.

Check the helmet’s fit.

If your helmet doesn’t fit your head correctly (or isn’t worn properly), it won’t do much good, no matter how pricey it is and how advanced its safety features are. Measure the diameter of your head using a flexible tape measure one inch above your eyebrows, and then compare that figure to the recommended helmet sizes(learn more in our guide to How to Choose a Bike Helmet). Once you know your size, visit your local REI to try on a variety of helmets. Most manufacturers have specific linings, padding, and tension systems for their helmets. Try out a few to find the one that feels most comfortable to you. Additionally, search for characteristics that make it simple to change and personalize the fit of the lid, such as detachable cushions or a tension system.

Think about the things that would make your ride better.

A variety of extra features that come with helmets are intended to increase riding comfort, safety, and enjoyment. If visibility is crucial, give preference to a helmet that can be mounted with bike lights. And remember that it’s OK if aesthetics are a top concern. The helmet that you want to wear is the one that is the safest; if you enjoy how you look while wearing it, you’ll be more inclined to do so.

Our Method

To learn more about their favorite bike helmets, we polled our team of REI workers. They came back with their best recommendations for road cycling, downhill mountain riding, and other activities using bicycles.

Keeping yourself safe is your duty. This page is just meant to serve as additional information; no online article or video can take the place of appropriate training and experience. Before you participate in any outside activity, be sure you are familiar with the necessary procedures and safety precautions.


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