Mountain bike accessories | Staff Picks for the Best mountain bike accessories

Mountain bike accessories | Staff Picks for the Best mountain bike accessories

Staff Picks for the Best mountain bike accessories

The simple pleasures of riding a mountain bike—the wind in your hair, the openness of the road, and the gratification of propulsion by human power—are difficult to enhance. The right equipment to get you out of the garage and on-the-go extras to keep you hydrated and deter criminals from stealing your faithful horse are just a few Mountain bike accessories that may improve a pleasant ride.

optimum multi-tool Mountain bike accessories

F15 Multi-Tool by crankbrothers

Get accustomed to your riding companions wanting to borrow your crankbrothers F15 Multi-Tool since it includes almost everything you could possibly need to become known as the hero of the mid-ride repair. The compact toolkit includes hex wrenches in sizes 2 to 8, two screwdrivers, a Torx T25, four sizes of spoke wrenches, and a chain tool that can be detached. Everything is housed in a thin magnetic sleeve that also serves as a handle extender. Even at home, you can find yourself using the F15 for fast solutions. One buyer commented in a review, “It’s obviously well thought out and contains everything you need to do trailside repairs and modifications while being comfortable in your hand.” Others lauded the F15’s svelte form and superb weight-to-function ratio. Nobody has yet had a complaint about the built-in bottle opener when it comes to opening beverages after rides. Buy this.

The best bike GPS device Mountain bike accessories

ELEMNT ROAM GPS Cycling Computer by Wahoo Fitness

With a GPS bike computer, you may go freely without being concerned that a bad turn would result in an unforeseen all-day adventure. The Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT ROAM can help you find your way home whether you want to plan your route in advance or prefer to navigate on the go. It is simple to browse through all of your important information, including speed, distance, lap time, heart rate, elevation, and more, thanks to the 2.7-inch screen and high-contrast color display. Additionally, it works with a variety of smart trainers and several data-tracking applications, including those that integrate with mountain bike trails. According to Kevin Lau, a retail expert at the REI store in Marlton, New Jersey, “the user experience on the phone app is simple, easy to use, and simply extremely great.” This bike computer may be a good replacement for your map-savvy riding companion thanks to its 17 hours of battery life, but the ROAM won’t share its food with you no matter how politely you ask. Buy this.

the top Mountain bike phone mount

Rotating smartphone bar mount by Nite Ize

The Squeeze Rotating Smartphone Bar Place from Nite Ize is a safe method to mount your phone out front for on-the-go communication if you value having both navigation and applications at your fingertips. Quickly and effortlessly, a strong rubber strap fastens to the handlebars of your Mountain bike (or to those of jogging strollers, wheelchairs, or even shopping carts), while continuous-force springs held firmly by “squeeze arms” hold your phone in either landscape or portrait position. It’s simple to insert your phone into the mount, according to Lau, the REI retail expert. It functions really well and is excellent for commuters. We appreciate this mount since it accommodates devices that are 2.3 to 3.6 inches wide (which includes most phones), but some customers have complained that thicker-cased phones don’t fit well. The tool-free mount mechanism is strong enough to withstand even jarring off-road excursions and curb-hopper antics. Buy this.

Favourite Water Bottle Holder

Bontrager Water Bottle Cage Bat Cage

Bontrager’s best-selling Bat Cage Water Bottle Cage, a longstanding customer favorite, is back and even better than before thanks to the use of recovered ocean plastics. Every year, the ocean receives over 8 million metric tons of plastic, which pollutes beaches and rivers all over the world. Most of the plastic trash is made up of fishing nets.. Bontrager collaborates with Bureo, which gathers and recycles used ocean fishing nets into plastic pellets in Chile. Many outdoor equipment manufacturers employ the pellets, including Bontrager, which uses them to create the Bat Cage. The end product is a lightweight, strong bottle cage that reduces plastic waste while securely holding your beverage. One buyer who purchased the Bat Cage to swap out a metal holder that was too big calls it “perfect.” This one is flexible and hugging the bottle, keeping it tight and free of rattles. Buy this.

Best Bike Pump for Frame Mounting

Mini Silca Tattico Pump

Everyone experiences flat tires at some point, but being prepared with a tiny pump and a spare tube might be the difference between a little delay and the end of the game. However, hand pumps may be tricky. Many typical small pump complaints are addressed by Silca’s Tattico Mini Pump (It’s too bulky to handle! Not enough air is pumped by it! Help! With a super-compact inverted design with the hose and valve concealed inside an inner chamber, I merely snapped off my valve stem! By enabling you to acquire up to 10% more air with each pump, this reduces the amount of time it takes to get you back on the road.

The lever-actuated chuck (with Presta, Schrader, or Dunlop valves) is coupled via flexible hose so you won’t accidently decapitate your valve stem with a too-vigorous pump. Adjustable rubber cup seals expand to decrease leaks as the pump warms up from usage. Users with sweaty palms like the aluminum barrel’s knurling for added grip, and thanks to the tiny design and integrated frame attachment, you’ll be the one on the group ride bragging, “Mini pump? The next time someone has a flat tire, say, “Oh, you know I have that stuff on me. Buy this.

The top Mountain bike floor pump

JoeBlow Sport III bike floor pump from Topeak

With underinflated tires, you won’t go very far, and because you should check your tire pressure before each journey, a floor pump is a must-have accessory for your toolkit. The JoeBlow Sport III from Topeak is a true workhorse if you’re just trying to get out the door as soon as possible. It has a double-headed pump head that fits Presta, Schrader, and Dunlop valves, as well as an easy-to-read pressure indicator. According to Aaron Potvin, assistant category merchandiser for cycling accessories at REI, it’s “the tried-and-true pump that performs everything you’d expect.” Buy this.

The Pista Plus Floor Pump from Silca, on the other hand, outperforms the competition if you’re searching for a floor pump that is a pleasure to use and looks attractive enough to keep in your living room. The complete metal piston assembly and Italian leather cup seal pump air with remarkable efficiency—possibly a touch too effectively considering the joy you’ll experience operating this pump—while the lathe-turned ash handle feels solid and opulent underhand. Bonus: Because of how stylish it is, there’s a strong possibility you can pass the Silca down to your grandchildren; keep that in mind when comparing price tags. Buy this.

Optimal Mountain bike Light Mountain bike accessories

Trail headlight Light & Motion Vis Pro 1000

The Light & Motion Vis Pro 1000 Path Headlight, winner of the REI Co-op Editors’ Choice Award, is compact, easy to use, and bright enough to illuminate both the trail and the road. This little light has 1,000 lumens and has a lifespan of 1 1/2 hours on high and up to 6 hours on low, so you should have more than enough time to go home before it gets dark. Regardless of whether the headlamp is installed on the handlebars or the (included) helmet mount, the cone-shaped inner reflector directs light where it is needed. We also like the red side lights that help cars see to the side. You can maintain the rubber mounting strap on your handlebars while charging thanks to a quick-release mount. But take notice of how little the rubber mounting strap is. A lockout mode is a nice feature that stops the light from accidently going on while it’s in your bag or when it’s not in use. Buy this.

Optimal Bike Lock Mountain bike accessories

New-U Messenger Mini+ U-Lock from Kryptonite

If a burglar has the time, space, and the necessary equipment, your bike could just be a distant memory. A bike rack may be secured using the New-U Messenger Mini+ U-Lock from Kryptonite, which is quite light but has two reliable 11-millimeter steel U-locks. This offers greater security than using a wire or not securing your wheel at all. One customer reviewer said, “I’ve found that for regular storage, the only place to store a nice bike is inside your home or apartment—not in a garage, shed, porch, etc. However, this is perfectly enough for locking up while shopping or in the bike room at work. Our team always carries a New-U Messenger Mini+ for daytime excursions or quick stops when a beefy-looking U-Lock is sufficient to prevent most would-be thieves. Buy this.

Best Mountain bike Locators

700c x 45 mm Full Metal Fenders by Portland Design Works

A pair of fenders may truly save your rear as well as the face of the rider behind you if you’re devoted to riding regardless of the weather or just have a flair for getting caught in the rain. To keep you and your bike cleaner and drier, consider a pair of Full Metal Fenders from Portland Design Works. One employee of REI uses his pair on a dirt bike throughout the winter and gushes over how simple they are to install, how they remain in place, and how they “will stand up in harsh weather.” The fenders’ full-wrap design and extra-long rubber mud flaps drain muck with ease, while safety release tabs ensure that built-up debris between the tire and the fender won’t cause you to come to a stop. They are best suited for gravel and road bikes with tires up to 35 millimeters wide. The package comes with the necessary hardware to attach them to most frames, and installation is simple. Buy this.

Buying Advice for Mountain bike Accessories

In the realm of bikes, a lot of purchasing choices come down to basic math: Is the weight worth it? Similar reasoning may be used when deciding which accessories to add to your vehicle, however, the correct formula to use in this case is: What is the weight-to-enjoyment ratio? The same principle applies when thinking about the extras you may want to bling up your ride: What is the weight-to-enjoyment ratio? For some riders, just the essentials—such as what you need to replace a flat tire—make the cut. Other riders don’t mind carrying additional weight if it makes the trip more pleasant, comfortable, or in any other way objectively superior. All the aforementioned, in our opinion, qualify.

Whether you’re a committed gravel grinder, an urban commuter, or a die-hard mountain biker, the majority of our recommendations cater to all riders’ demands. Every cyclist ultimately flats, as was said above, hence everyone requires a multi-tool, water bottle cage, and floor pump. However, you could discover that having complete fenders is unnecessary on a road bike or that keeping your phone in your pocket while riding is OK. You are you.


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